Vessel 1


Back to painting for me. 16 x 20 inches, acrylic on canvas, produced in Sacramento, CA in May of 2018,  This is based on a small watercolor painting I did some years ago. You can IMG_3472see some major and minor changes in design and coloration, but the basics are there. I will probably continue to work with this basic imagery. There is a post-cubist element to the construction and design, and an attention to color application and, in the case of the new work, a painterly approach.  I would love to hear comments on the images – what impact do they have on you?



all images ©2018 Stuart Dummit


just a dot


It has been a while. I’m still here. I still make stuff. I am happy, I am sad. I am like this drawing; I exist as individual dots that, when seen from a distance, seem to imply a coherent whole, but, in fact, there are only individual, isolated dots. And what do they imply? A dot. An implied dot.


Just one, single, implied dot.





Magic Rocks – the magic takes hold

So, I’ve started my Magic Rock Garden. I followed the instructions and, lo and behold! IT WORKS! Right now the first batch of rocks are growing. The second batch will go in this evening and, by tomorrow morning there should be a eerie, otherworldly garden growing in a 2″x 4″x6″ clear plastic container with a rocketship and a ringed planet in the background.

Totally cool.

The instructions stated that the warmer the water, the faster the rocks will grow, but TOO warm and the growth will be spindly and brittle – more brittle than usual. Of course, I made the water a bit too warm, but that’s okay. I’m a happy 9 year old right now!

More pictures as the garden develops!

Because Everyone Needs Some Magic

I think I’ve believed in some sort of magic all of my life. Back when I was less old than I am now, I believed it came in many flavors. There was a mystical and supernatural element to everything. If a spray can of Pledge used the word “magic” in its marketing, I was inclined to believe that the can itself might be used as a magic wand. This view of things changed as I became jaded and, as some might believe, more practical. Still, in the beginning of the last third of my physical presence on this planet, I continue to believe, if not hope, that there is magic in this world. Today, I was proven correct. Behold….Magic Rocks

I mean, how much cooler can you get? “Magic,” and with a spaceship! I was so freaking happy when I saw this at the drugstore. Even better than Sea Monkeys! So here’s the plan: I’m going to get this set up. I’m going to do it right, and I’m going to document it. Right here. Yet another cool thing to follow on this site.

Make life interesting. Allow magic, how ever it manifests itself, into your life.