Life Update

I have been interviewing with Cerner, the electronic medical records company from Kansas City that my IT job was outsourced to earlier this year. Too early to tell what the outcome will be, but I remain positive in my attitude. The real issue for me will be salary. For me to move and for me to continue to work in the field I would have to be well compensated. I would rather bag groceries and have the freedom to be myself than restructure my ethics in the name of corporate culture.

Back at the gym; best thing I’ve done in a long time. I feel better and I bet I will look better soon. The going seems slow, but I continue to push that iron around.

Music seems to have taken a bit of a back seat these last few weeks. It is still in my head to be sure, but the actual playing, writing and recording just doesn’t seem to be in me right now. I know that it is a part of my total existence, but I have to follow the path as it is laid out for me.

I also reminded the Universe that I am open to a relationship. Yup. If the Universe sees fit to send that perfect partner into my life, or wake him up, or wake ME up to his presence, then, hey! Go for it, Universe!

The holidays are here and I will be spending more mental energy getting that going in my and heart. It was snowing earlier this evening…just flurries, but it did my heart good.