The New Year

Here we are in 2010… okay. I’m a bit late with getting this one up. Sorry.

Here we are in 2010. Much is happening, much has happened. Here’s a summary of the last few weeks:

It seems as though talks with Cerner regarding a job have fallen through. They made a verbal “soft” offer, stating that they would send me an official offer in the mail. The salary was way low for what they were wanting from me and I told them that. I never received the mailed offer.

I found a tumor on Max’s leg and took him to the vet who suggested that it be removed because he couldn’t get a good needle biopsy. The evening before he was to go and have the tumor taken off, I found another one in his ear. The vet removed both and a few days later I got the news that they were benign. I am a relieved daddy.

I applied for and was interviewed twice for a job as a Multimedia Specialist for the University of Missouri Health Care Marketing Department. I haven’t heard the outcome of this one, but there is another candidate who is younger and has had more formal computer education than me. I still would make the better choice because of my years of experience, but it isn’t my call. The interviews went well, as far as I can tell. I will be applying for a position as a Revenue Cycle Trainer at the hospital soon.

I’ve started work on some new projects involving music and theater. Also, I am scheduling some solo performances for late January and February.

I added a “Lists” page here, you can access it via the menu up top. It’s far from complete, but it’s an easy way to find out what I like and don’t like.

The 4th episode of the Dangerous Enlightenment Podcast will be up and available soon. Most likely within the next week. It is a single, long and somewhat soothing ambient work. Episode 5 will be dance beats and the 6th and final episode has yet to be figured out. When complete, I’ll put together a 3-Disc package of the entire series.

By the way, here, in Columbia, Missouri, it’s really, really cold.

More later, troops!


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