Words and Personal Meaning

I love words. Always have. Sometimes I’m pretty good at using them, other times, not so much. I find myself without them or afraid to use them. More on that later.

Here, though, I find that certain words DO have the ability to put me in a frame of mind that nudges me toward creating the situations that I want and need. When I feel bad, I usually find myself saying words to myself that continue to convince myself that I feel bad. My stomach hurts and then I hear in my head the words being spoken to myself, “I don’t feel good…my tummy hurts!” If I change my inner monologue the bad banana might still be sitting in my tummy, reminding me that it’s there, but I DO begin to feel better.

If I start the day with words like “great,” “beautiful,” “abundance,” or “pancakes!” I usually have a great, beautiful, abundant day…and I get to have PANCAKES! So, what about using these little sound tools called “words” to start making the day, the string of days, the experience of life, a whole lot better?

I don’t particularly think of myself as an advocate of the “new age,” because many of the ideas of that movement are quite old and have been in use for hundreds and thousands of years. Instead, I think that to discount any philosophy because of the clothing the media has dressed it in is silly or unfashionable is a disservice to ones self and to the realm of ideas in general. Embrace what works, and don’t assume that something doesn’t work because you think it is silly or “unscientific.”

That being said, I do believe that thoughts become things, especially if action is taken. As the African proverb states, “When you pray, remember to move your feet.” And there are some very good words to use when one prays, or meditates, or affirms, or just talks.

30 Power Words To Activate Intention Setting

I believe in words. They are tools that can change the world. The are powerful tools, but they cannot change the world just by being spoken. They must be accompanied by action.  Say to yourself, ” I live a wonderful, happy and abundant life,” and then go make it happen.


2 thoughts on “Words and Personal Meaning

  1. I love and believe in words too. I enjoyed your words here–an excellent reminder of things we should keep in mind. Happy pancakes!

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