Sorrow In Empty Motes

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NEW on the Weekly Features Page

New for the week of August 18, 2014 – a new video and audio track:
528Hz ∆7.82 Meditation and Centering Aid. Beautiful.

Business Website Nears Completion

My business, DEStudios, has been in transformation and the website has been getting a facelift. Far from finished, you may still want to check it out. I’ll make a big deal when it is really ready. In the meantime, here it is:

Thanks! More pictures and music to come.

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Some Old Music by Hormone Junkies

Back in the day I was in this band called Hormone Junkies with the amazing Richard Cravens. We made an album called “Arsenal” and and EP called “Proof of Concept.” It was all kind of electro prog pop… or something along those lines! In any case, there was some great music that was created in the early 2000s and I don’t want it to be lost. Here, then, is “Red Room [Zapotec Mix]” Synths and programming by Richard Cravens, Guitars and blips by Stuart Dummit. Enjoy!

AGORA – the new album from Stuart Dummit is out – NOW!


IT’S HERE! The new album from Stuart Dummit – AGORA – is available for download now from Bandcamp!

Lush, surprising, experimental and comforting, AGORA* is a surprising and mesmerizing collection, influenced by jazz, new music, classical and retro ambient sounds. The album takes you on a reflective journey unlike anything the artist has offered before. Set sail on this audio adventure and experience the beauty of “NOW,”


Track Listing: 1. A Sailor’s Story  2. Sopatos dos Dedos  3. Martinis and Cherries  4. Stephen’s Remorse  5. A Sailor’s Tail  6. Tie My Shoes  7. Pi and Anno  8. Beauty  9. Incubator  10. Sorrow In Empty Motes

* Agora means “now” in Portuguese.