Test 2 for upcoming channel….

One more time folks! I hope I’ll have my first “real” installments up in a week or so.

Actually, I kind of like this public testing idea. It lets people see how I am going about creating this beast!


Test Video for future Video Channel.

This is a test video for my proposed video channel and vlog aimed at YouTube and TSU. I’m new at this so I’ll make mistakes but I know things will work out. Please leave comments and suggestions. Thanks!

The links below will open in a separate window. Is this a good thing?

YouTube Channel

TSU Channel and Invite!

20 Years.

Okay. Yesterday, that is, May 17, was the 20th anniversary of me being diagnosed with HIV. I had prepared a rather long, ponderous essay that, truth be told, was a downer. I did my best to keep it upbeat, but upon several rereads I became aware of the bitterness that had seeped through to the surface. I slapped myself a couple of times thinking that would shift my perspective to a better place. It didn’t really work.

Luckily, I interacted with some friends over the course of the day, most of them folk I’ve known for years, a few only a short while. I mentioned the anniversary to only one of those people and their response was encouraging. The others, well, I steered clear of self pity and did my best to interact in the present, focusing on realer, more tangible things.

At the end of the day, I sat back and realized how lucky I am. So, thank you Michael, Christopher, Ann, Jeff, and Teresa. Whether I’ve known you for just a few days or for over half of my life so far, I can say that I’m a better person for it. Thank you.

A Day Gone By

May 17th is an important day for me. It’s an anniversary of a life changing event and it is not one that puts a smile on my face. I had written an essay about the situation, the one that occurred 20 years ago, and upon rereading it I realized how bitter I had become. Bitterness is not becoming.

I took the draft with me to a coffee shop to edit while sipping an iced Americano and, as I sat there, I got a notice on my phone – a “woof” from an admirer on a dating site I subscribe to. I checked it out to find that it was quite a handsome guy with a thoughtful profile. I “woofed” back. A conversation started. Next thing I knew, he was walking into the coffee shop. We sat and talked for a while, and then both of us needed to continue with our days. We exchanged numbers and promised to be in touch again soon.

Just this one person made a difference. I felt some of that bitterness slipping away. I have no idea if anything will come of this. If nothing more than a friend, then it is a good thing. Thank you, tall handsome stranger.

Just a reminder of what’s out there….

Hello friends!

Just a friendly reminder that you can purchase downloads of my albums on Bandcamp. Three very different collections of music that came from deep inside me and are an integral part of my practice and “art” if you will. Please visit the site (link below) and consider supporting me and my work by purchasing ¬†and downloading some quality music!

Agora – $7

Poems, √Čtudes and Dances – $5

Ambienteno – $3

Get all 3 albums by Stuart Dummit HERE!

Get all 3 albums by Stuart Dummit HERE!