This is another drawing that has been manipulated by one of those generative apps used by thousands to make their pictures more “unique” and “individual,” like all the others. I’ve been using them as a midpoint in the process to drive the image in a different direction and then to use the choices I’ve made and the choices made by the app algorithm as creative nourishment. It is all so absurd when I think about it, but the point is to, a) express something within me, and then, b) elicit an emotional response within you, the viewer. If it is working, then I’ll continue until I’m bored or have nothing left to say along these lines. If it isn’t working, well, then somebody better tell me. Thank you.


Per usual, this image is ©2016 Stuart Dummit. All rites reserved. ▽△


2 thoughts on “Concern

  1. I’ve been bothered by how nice some of the art generated by those apps look. If you run it through the app, is it still your ART? I think so – but it doesn’t feel as satisfying to me. I think I’m going to do some research into what those algorithms are and write my own version. That feels more like making art.

    • Thanks for the comment Bill, and I know exactly what you’re talking about. Here’s where I currently am on the subject: I create the original. It’s all me and I make all of those choices. I also make all of the choices when deciding whether or not to process the piece with some magical app or not. After that, chance and the algorithm become con-conspirators in the work. Once their part is done, I take over again and tweak, push and prod until the piece is where I want it. The app is then just a tool that I’ve used. Perhaps there is a bit of John Cage in the argument, but that’s fine. I like Cage! In the end, I have put myself into the work, I have made the decisions, including the one to use the app or not, and I make the decision whether or not to subject the image to public view. The question the viewer needs to answer is, “Does this cause an emotional response within me? Is it what the artist intended? Do I want regular or curly fries with my burger?” So, yes, it is art, and yes, I feel a sense of accomplishment when it is completed, and yes, I don’t need an app to help me draw or paint a picture of a naked person or a bowl of fruit. Your concern is real and I’ve tossed it around for a long time. Of course, by the time I hit “send” on this message, I may have changed my mind! Thanks again for letting me into your eyes and head for a while!

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