Just a thought…

So, I’m reading Homer’s Iliad and the TV is on in the background, sound turned down – I do this when waiting for one of my news shows to come on, or if Chris Matthews is constantly interrupting the person he’s “interviewing,” that always pisses me off, but I digress – so, I’m re-reading the last paragraph about the mighty Greeks storming the walled city of Troy when I notice a flicker on the TV screen. I look up and see some guy dancing around in a drug store. Curious, I un-mute the set to hear what is going on. It’s an ad for Trojan condoms. I look down at my book, then look up at the screen, then down at the book again. I scratch that itch on the side of my nose and look up again and say aloud to the TV screen, “You guys know that the Trojans lost, right?”

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