Finding Bones on the Moon

I have started playing with recording not necessarily “lo-fi” music, but audio using tools I have or which cost next to nothing. Here is a piece in progress being made using Apple’s Garage Band. Pretty basic stuff, but there are some real possibilities here. Take a listen – headphones help to hear some of the nice round bass notes and the sweet panning and timber tricks. No high end mixing, editing, no EQ work or mastering. Let me know what you think.

©2018 Stuart Dummit – Recorded at DEStudios, Sacramento, CA


in progress…where do I go from here?

Untitled painting in progress.

Untitled. ©2018 Stuart Dummit 16″ x 20′ acrylic on canvas

A painting in progress….not sure where to go from here since the original intent has been altered by the process of making the picture. I do these things and there isn’t a big, deeply meaningful motivational driving force. I don’t know… what do you think?

Pop-up Exhibition at the Verge

Had a fantastic experience with the Verge Center for the Arts here in Sacramento, and a pop-up exhibition featuring some of my work along with the work of Jason Clark. There was a screening of the bio-pic “Tom of Finland” and a showing of photos, paintings and multimedia works, and some fantastic conversations and meaningful interactions. Here are just a few of the images from the event.


The crowd prior to the screening of “Tom of Finland.”


Artist Jason Clark in front of some of his work.


Fernando and Mike – they set up the event and ran the bar. Awesome men.


Artist Jason Clark addressing the crowd.


Me, Arianna (Gallery Director,) Jason (artist,) and Ronn (Sacramento Valley Leathermen organizer.)


Some attendees in front of a few of my photos.


More of the amazing crowd.

the Artists

Artists Stuart Dummit and Jason Clark.

So many thanks to Arianna and the crew at the Verge Center for the Arts, artist Jason Clark, organizer Ronn Darwin, Fernando, Mike, and all of the people who came out and made the event a success. Thank you!

All images ©2018 Stuart Dummit.

Vessel 1


Back to painting for me. 16 x 20 inches, acrylic on canvas, produced in Sacramento, CA in May of 2018,  This is based on a small watercolor painting I did some years ago. You can IMG_3472see some major and minor changes in design and coloration, but the basics are there. I will probably continue to work with this basic imagery. There is a post-cubist element to the construction and design, and an attention to color application and, in the case of the new work, a painterly approach.  I would love to hear comments on the images – what impact do they have on you?



all images ©2018 Stuart Dummit

just a dot


It has been a while. I’m still here. I still make stuff. I am happy, I am sad. I am like this drawing; I exist as individual dots that, when seen from a distance, seem to imply a coherent whole, but, in fact, there are only individual, isolated dots. And what do they imply? A dot. An implied dot.


Just one, single, implied dot.