just a dot


It has been a while. I’m still here. I still make stuff. I am happy, I am sad. I am like this drawing; I exist as individual dots that, when seen from a distance, seem to imply a coherent whole, but, in fact, there are only individual, isolated dots. And what do they imply? A dot. An implied dot.


Just one, single, implied dot.






My Heart Is Exposed



  1. My Heart is Exposed
  2. My Heart is Exposed: Breached
  3. My Heart is Exposed: Murdered
  4. My Heart is Exposed: Alive

There is nothing real here, only the exposure of my heart. The cool pain of nakedness. The fear of discovery. The remorse of trust.

©2016 Stuart Dummit.

On Not Functioning Well Under Expectations

Protopostartistic Artifact

not really the title – electronic drawing processed with Dreamscope, Snapseed, Art Studio, and LiveSketch HD on electronic pad device🔝


DES Archives. Used by permission of the DES Department of Propoganda. 

©2016 Stuart Dummit DES All Rites Reserved.

the continuing question of (f)art

Again, is it “art” if one of the tools used to create it has a mind (algorithm) of its own? Is it “art” if it is just well crafted? Is it “art” if it has no purpose other than to break up space on the wall behind your couch? I think it makes no sense to be so divisive. That is, until divisiveness is in my own best interest, and then I’m all for it. One must fight art disease at every turn. [The term art disease was coined in the 1970s by conceptual artist Richard Olson who defined it in terms of “the hardening of the categories.”]

With that bit of stupidity out of the way, I present to you a recent example of my electronic drawing, painting, and/or print making. The question is really, “does it make you feel anything? Is there an emotional response?” (and, again, not a rhetorical question.)


“I Am” Electronic Print. ©2016 Stuart Dummit



This is another drawing that has been manipulated by one of those generative apps used by thousands to make their pictures more “unique” and “individual,” like all the others. I’ve been using them as a midpoint in the process to drive the image in a different direction and then to use the choices I’ve made and the choices made by the app algorithm as creative nourishment. It is all so absurd when I think about it, but the point is to, a) express something within me, and then, b) elicit an emotional response within you, the viewer. If it is working, then I’ll continue until I’m bored or have nothing left to say along these lines. If it isn’t working, well, then somebody better tell me. Thank you.


Per usual, this image is ©2016 Stuart Dummit. All rites reserved. ▽△