Here is an account that I wrote shortly after witnessing a strange light in the sky near my home. I re-read it this evening for the first time since I wrote it. This is the document as I originally recorded it.


12 July, 2014
O’Fallon, Missouri
10 p.m.

I just saw a UFO.

Of course what it was that I saw could have been several things that are not in my mind right now, but that is, I think, beside the point. I cannot identify what it was and, from what my eyes and brain perceived, I cannot come up with a suitable explanation.

Max, my 15 year old beagle, wanted to take a walk. I was shirtless, in running shorts and rubber sandals but I put his collar on him and proceeded to take him outside, navigating through the prematurely spewing lawn irrigation system. We headed east, up the gradual slope of the hill on Huntgate Drive with me strolling in the middle of the street to avoid the spray of the sprinklers.

To the South and to my right I could see the top of the white water tower that stands several hundred yards away at the edge of the subdivision. The moon was a day past full, the sky without clouds but a little bit hazy with the humidity. The temperature was around 83º F. As we approached the middle of the block I saw above the houses to my right what looked like the light of an airplane. It was immediately curious to me because it was a white light but I thought my eyes were giving me trouble because it seemed to have a bit of a color shift. There was a vibrant greenish blue to one side and red to the other, somewhat like an airplane, but the lights were not blinking but, instead, the lights were constant but shimmering. Usually, when I see airplanes in the area at night I see just the white light or a distinct separation of the colored lights. St. Louis Lambert International airport is only about 30 miles to the east of here, so seeing planes is not uncommon. Usually one can hear them, though, and there was no sound from this object. I assumed, then, that it was far enough away for the sound hadn’t caught up to it and was not yet audible.

I continued to walk and look at the light. It didn’t seem to move much but did seem to get brighter. The prismatic appearance got slightly more exaggerated and I found myself being concerned about the decline in the quality of my eye sight.

A few more steps along the way and I noticed that the light had begun to move eastward. Seconds later I saw that had appeared to move upward. I was not thinking analytically at this point, yet I was trying to get a feel for its distance from me. I had assumed that it was fairly distant, but I was struck by the idea that from the way it moved and the sharpness of the light in the humid sky that it might well be very close to me. Then I realized that it had shifted direction and was moving south.

I lost it for a few moments as I walked passed some trees. I was nearing the corner and had determined that I was going to turn right and try to watch it for as long as I could. About the time I rounded the corner, Max began to pull on the leash. Even though he is over 15 years old and has arthritis and a host of other ailments, from time to time he can surprise me by his bursts of hyperactivity and strength.  I had to lock the variable length control on his leash and hold on tightly as he began to run back and forth, tugging on the leash, trying to expend a sudden overflow of energy.

I looked up so as not to lose sight of the light and saw the now distinctly teal and magenta and white light move upward for a count of about two seconds, pause, drop down again for several seconds, then north and south, as though defining its axis of movement. Max was pulling harder and was really acting kind of nuts. The light moved up again and then glided west toward the water tower. Its movements were fluid and easy, precise but not ridged. I turned right again, and headed west myself and I saw the light shift in color to teal before I lost it behind a tree.

Max was whipping back and forth and I noted that my mind was bouncing back and forth between thoughts; that Max might break his collar or the leash with his aggressive tugging and pulling, that the light might be from some kind of drone or remote control flyer, that I was actually seeing a UFO because in the time that my brain was addressing the possible sources of what my eyes were seeing I couldn’t make sense of nor come to a reasonable explanation for what I was witnessing, and I was concerned that I was not going to be able to see it for much longer.

That was when I could see through the trees that it had become much brighter and that its greenish blue light along with its hint of violet-red was reflecting off of the white corrugated base column of the water tower. I could not see it clearly and, I admit that with Max behaving as he was the quality of my attention was not the most reliable, but the source of the light, the flying object that I could not identify was maneuvering in the vicinity of the water tower, zooming close enough for its light to bounce off of it and, from what I perceived, it seemed to fly swiftly around the tower before it rose up for a moment then dipped down below my level of sight.

I continued walking west with Max pulling at his leash and I scanned the air to my left, southward around the tower and above the roofs of the houses in the neighborhood. I had lost sight of it. It was gone.

Never did I hear a sound nor feel any vibrations. Max was running like a race dog, jerking back and forth as he would come to the end of the length of his leash then ricochet back in the opposite direction. We made another right turn, heading north toward the house, and I began looking over my right shoulder, hoping to catch another glimpse of the object, hoping to see something that would help me identify it. But it was no longer visible and the event was over.

Now, I will be the first to admit that I have long loved the idea of flying saucers, UFOs, science fiction, ancient aliens and that whole area of speculation and entertainment. I am, however, fairly practical when it comes to such things. I do not claim that what I saw was anything other than what it was, and that was a light in the sky of vivid colors that moved in what seemed to be odd and unlikely patterns. Obviously, it is exciting that I saw what I did and the experience was strangely calming and exhilarating at the same time. I have no idea if anyone else saw what I did or if someone can verify that the light belonged to an identifiable source. It was, however, not a plane, not a helicopter, and not my imagination.  Max’s behavior during the event might be seen as indicative of something abnormal and related to the otherworldly origin of the source of my sighting, but his hyper activity is something that I’ve experienced from him in the past, just not at that hour of the night and under those circumstances.

Once we reached the house I put Max inside and stepped back out to scan the skies one more time. I decided to sit down immediately and write down my recollection of the experience as clearly as I could so as to offer a record of what I saw. The light was simple and its color and movement was beautiful and, as I mentioned, calming. I don’t know what it was but I feel lucky to have witnessed it.  It’s an hour and a half after the sighting and Max is still restless, though not acting crazy.  Myself on other hand, I am sweating like a pig and I’ve got butterflies in my stomach.

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