Getting ready to shift

Copyright 2017 Stuart Dummit. Leather boots on a leather jacket.

©2017 Stuart Dummit All Rights Reserved. DEStudios Productions and StuartDMT.

In a few days I’ll be shifting the old posts and new material for the Boot Series to their own page, freeing the main page for other projects, including more text posts. I know I don’t get a lot of traffic from the text, but it is important and I do wish I could find a way to get folk to read and comment on the writing. In any case, the new BOOTS TAB will be up this weekend and a redesigned DEStudios site will be running soon. More boots, more leather, more art, music, philosophy, musings, humor, stuff. Lots of stuff. And videos. More videos. Until then, become aware of your body and that which surrounds it. You inhabit your flesh for only a short time, make good use of the sensations it can render and experience.


First Step

What better way to get underway than to provide a shot of new boots.

Nikon d7100 Processed in Snapseed and Preview.

distressed boot photo

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That Odd Obsession

Version 2

I am not sure why, but I am obsessed with boots. I love them, I wear them, I admire them, and they represent a certain object of comfort and exhilaration for me. After so many years of having them as a key element of attention amid the full spectrum of my psyche, I have developed some opinions regarding them. Strong opinions. For example, footwear that doesn’t extend fully up over the ankle at least cannot be called “a boot.” Zippers on the sides of lace-up boots are redundant, unnecessary, and unsightly. If it is truly a matter of on/off expedience and convenience for the wearer of regulation boots, it is a necessary evil and I will hold my tongue. Bal-lacing on the instep of patrol boots ruin the smooth lines of a well designed boot. Avoid bal-laces if possible. All men should own at least one pair of real boots because all men look and feel better wearing them.

The move to California has put me in close contact with other men with similar affections and interests. I’ve been posting photos on a Facebook group dedicated to boots and the men who wear them, and I’ve gotten some very good responses from fellow members. The support has been inspiring. So, with the words of Joseph Campbell resonating in my grey matter, I am taking measures to “follow my bliss.” I have begun a series of high resolution photographs of boots, I have created boot related designs for t-shirts and coffee mugs, and I am considering making a book. All of this as an attempt to service two needs. One, to expand and explore this affection and obsession with boots, and, two, generate some income so I can purchase more boots.

Here are links to the first boot related products from yours truly. The store front and selection will be improved and expanded in the coming days.

Follow the link to purchase this Boot Mug – “Boots. They do your buddy good.”

Or how about a t-shirt? Not directly boot related, but it sure has a strong connection… !


I will post more pictures and an occasional advertisement for my collection in the coming days. Thank you. Y’all are something else.

the continuing question of (f)art

Again, is it “art” if one of the tools used to create it has a mind (algorithm) of its own? Is it “art” if it is just well crafted? Is it “art” if it has no purpose other than to break up space on the wall behind your couch? I think it makes no sense to be so divisive. That is, until divisiveness is in my own best interest, and then I’m all for it. One must fight art disease at every turn. [The term art disease was coined in the 1970s by conceptual artist Richard Olson who defined it in terms of “the hardening of the categories.”]

With that bit of stupidity out of the way, I present to you a recent example of my electronic drawing, painting, and/or print making. The question is really, “does it make you feel anything? Is there an emotional response?” (and, again, not a rhetorical question.)


“I Am” Electronic Print. ©2016 Stuart Dummit


one piece of paper, verso recto, in pencil


drawing on two sides of a sheet of writing paper – the images elicit memories of sounds, the sounds elicit notions of structure, the structure alludes to meaning(s.) the impact of any of these on a witness to this particular presentation can be considered a joke between you and I.

despite the content creator’s trust and admiration for those who choose to witness this byproduct of behavior, the image, content, and presentation, are all protected by intellectual property law and cannot legally be reproduced, sold, or used to create imaginary paper airplanes, without proper attribution and appropriate kowtows facing south by southeast on a hot, cracked sidewalk. ©2016 Stuart Dummit All rites reserved.