Pop-up Exhibition at the Verge

Had a fantastic experience with the Verge Center for the Arts here in Sacramento, and a pop-up exhibition featuring some of my work along with the work of Jason Clark. There was a screening of the bio-pic “Tom of Finland” and a showing of photos, paintings and multimedia works, and some fantastic conversations and meaningful interactions. Here are just a few of the images from the event.


The crowd prior to the screening of “Tom of Finland.”


Artist Jason Clark in front of some of his work.


Fernando and Mike – they set up the event and ran the bar. Awesome men.


Artist Jason Clark addressing the crowd.


Me, Arianna (Gallery Director,) Jason (artist,) and Ronn (Sacramento Valley Leathermen organizer.)


Some attendees in front of a few of my photos.


More of the amazing crowd.

the Artists

Artists Stuart Dummit and Jason Clark.

So many thanks to Arianna and the crew at the Verge Center for the Arts, artist Jason Clark, organizer Ronn Darwin, Fernando, Mike, and all of the people who came out and made the event a success. Thank you!

All images ©2018 Stuart Dummit.


Getting ready to shift

Copyright 2017 Stuart Dummit. Leather boots on a leather jacket.

©2017 Stuart Dummit All Rights Reserved. DEStudios Productions and StuartDMT.

In a few days I’ll be shifting the old posts and new material for the Boot Series to their own page, freeing the main page for other projects, including more text posts. I know I don’t get a lot of traffic from the text, but it is important and I do wish I could find a way to get folk to read and comment on the writing. In any case, the new BOOTS TAB will be up this weekend and a redesigned DEStudios site will be running soon. More boots, more leather, more art, music, philosophy, musings, humor, stuff. Lots of stuff. And videos. More videos. Until then, become aware of your body and that which surrounds it. You inhabit your flesh for only a short time, make good use of the sensations it can render and experience.


Subtle differences. A stain can be seen on the leather in the upper right. What is it? Where did it come from? Why is it there? does it add to the character of the boot? does it tell a story?

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Shaft Down

Jeans inside the shaft of the boot, looking down from the top. Sturdy straps and buckles secure the leather around the calf. And yes, there is a dog collar around the shaft of this boot.

from the archives

Wescos Under BDUs

This photo is from earlier this year, but it certainly is in the spirit of the recent series. There is an element to the implication of tall boots hidden by pant legs that is often interesting. How tall are the boots and can you tell when the top is hidden? Look. Can you see the top edge of the boot under the denim or cotton of his pants? Is it because the fabric is loose, or are his leg muscles pushing against the shaft of the boot and the material forcing the mouth of the boot to be visible? When you can’t see the top of the boot, could it be because it is tall enough to not be seen below the knee? How thick is the leather, how close to the leg does it fit?