First Step

What better way to get underway than to provide a shot of new boots.

Nikon d7100 Processed in Snapseed and Preview.

distressed boot photo

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Groom and Bride


It is good that the photograph identifies which is the groom and which is the bride. Recto we find that they are Orville and Dell and the photo was developed in Washington, Missouri. I imagine I am related to them in some manner.

©2017 Stuart Dummit

From the Community Band Concert

Sure, the band was interesting, and they were pretty darn good, too, but it was the people who made it truly a sight to remember. Humanity at rest on display.


Photos from Whitegate Villas Neighborhood Concert featuring the After Hours Community Band on June 28, 2016 in O’Fallon, Missouri.

photographs ©2016 Stuart Dummit

I made coffee, but…


I made coffee for two, but the one I want to share it with is 800 miles away. Sometimes these things happen. Isn’t it up to us to change those things if we so desire? Then the question becomes, “How?”

yeah, don’t rip it off please, give credit where credit is due. thanks                       △▽©2016 Stuart Dummit