a first draft of poem for Orphée

I will dream I will dream
I will dream I will dream
I will dream I will dream
I will dream I will dream

read it aloud
read it aloud
read it aloud
read it aloud

I will dream I have dreamed
I will dream I have dreamt
I will dream I have dreamed
I will dream I have dreamt

Reed it aloud
Red it aloud
Reed it aloud
Red it aloud

Say it aloud
Say it out loud
Say it aloud
Say it out loud

Reed it Red it Dream it Dreamt it
Read it Read it Dream it Dream’t
Dream it Dream’t
Reed Re’d
Out loud
All ‘oud
All out

Dream it Loud it All loud Allow
Dream it Out it Allow loud it
Dream it seem it sound it say it
I dream I dreamed I say I dreamt I said I reed I red I sed
a stream of breath blown across the reed, a tone, a hue I dreamed of dew
fracturing light from dawn’s golden touch, sprayed and splayed in sheets
of told transmissions, received by dreaming listeners, colors, singers
Out loud.

the Text stands for itself it stands alone out loud allow it to stand as freestanding text alone

©2017 Stuart Dummit


three twitter posts, an aside;

Twitter doesn’t allow me enough letters to build the cages needed to contain my thoughts, wild beasts that they are. Beware: danger lurks in    [4 May 8:51am]

Verse with no structure no limits but engineered to grind and slither into places; no hashtags no keywords no marketing, just out there…   [4 May 8:53am]

Will anyone decipher the code transmitted like shortwave signals across moist ether? Will it excite or just fester like an unattended wound?    [4 May 8:57am]

©2017 Stuart Dummit

{there was a post that I deleted before posting. i thought that i had saved it but perhaps not…. the gist was that federal law prohibited me from saying some things that were streaming through my brain, and i thought that was perhaps a good thing. i nullify my actions with the safety valve of deletion}

one piece of paper, verso recto, in pencil


drawing on two sides of a sheet of writing paper – the images elicit memories of sounds, the sounds elicit notions of structure, the structure alludes to meaning(s.) the impact of any of these on a witness to this particular presentation can be considered a joke between you and I.

despite the content creator’s trust and admiration for those who choose to witness this byproduct of behavior, the image, content, and presentation, are all protected by intellectual property law and cannot legally be reproduced, sold, or used to create imaginary paper airplanes, without proper attribution and appropriate kowtows facing south by southeast on a hot, cracked sidewalk. ©2016 Stuart Dummit All rites reserved.

a modified verse found amid my papers

Bury me in strata of sound

Under waves of tone and timber

My drumless ears will sense no tempo

No rhythm to the hues

That decompose into fecund soil

In which my hollow stalk might summon strength

and will to sink my deaf and blinded roots

Deep toward the chordal core

And modulate its color clad voice

Through to the key of see.

©2016 Stuart Dummit

words that consider music and soup

Poetry need not be long
Nor over produced,
Though neither makes it bad.
Thick and saucy
With many flavors
Fills you up and
Takes time to digest.
Yet, a thin,
Light broth,
With just a few,
Selected notes,
And a little salt,
Like a simple melody
With a harmonized verse and
A culminating cadence,
Is sometimes perfectly satisfying.

Stuart Dummit                   17 January, 2016

©2016 Stuart Dummit