just a dot


It has been a while. I’m still here. I still make stuff. I am happy, I am sad. I am like this drawing; I exist as individual dots that, when seen from a distance, seem to imply a coherent whole, but, in fact, there are only individual, isolated dots. And what do they imply? A dot. An implied dot.


Just one, single, implied dot.






Report on Protoartistic Trends (excerpt)

Here is an excerpt from the D.E.S. Report on Protoartistic Trends Vol.1 No.2, issued on 9 February 2016. The full report can be downloaded as a PDF file from the link(s) below.

Important Information About Art   V1.01
Collated and presented by Stuart Dummit, D.E.S. Chief of Propaganda

(All assertions must be taken within the proper context for accurate deconstruction and absorption.)

6. Art is easily confused with artifice.
7. Craft is often misidentified as art.
8. Byproducts of artistic behavior are often confused with artifacts.
9. Art does not come into being by mere statement.
10. Art has nothing intrinsically to do with beauty.
11. Emotion and art are linked but not necessarily coexistent.

13. Art in its highest form transcends culture.
14. Art tends to be culture bound.
15. “Good” and “bad” are not terms that effectively apply to art.
16. Art is intuitive.
17. Art must be learned.

40. Art engages awareness.
41. Art is humorous.
42. Art is serious.
43. Art is enlightening.
44. Art is horrifying.
45. Public art propagates the public’s misunderstanding of art’s function.
46. The use of the term “art,” like “god,” “sex,” and “war,” will often result in  catastrophic misunderstandings.
47. Belief in art as a thing unto itself is destructive and  ignorantly myopic.
48. The monetization of the byproducts of artistic behavior removes the essential qualities of art from those byproducts.
49. Artifacts are byproducts of human behavior and can contain elements of art, but it is not a given.

Download the Report in PDF format here. The Report may be distributed freely in its entirety but may not be distributed in part without full documentation and attribution.

DES Report on Protoartistic Trends Vol1 No2


©2016 Stuart Dummit, D.E.S. Chief of Propaganda