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©2017 Stuart Dummit

Electronic ink on virtual paper. Protopostartistic Artifact.




©2016 Stuart Dummit (Protopostartistic Artifact – electronic drawing – unsigned)

This is an electronic drawing. It was originally called “Sore Muscle” but I realized that it was speaking to something more than my physical muscles, but my emotional and spiritual ones as well. I place this image here as a reminder to myself that becoming strong is not a static goal, it is a process, just as any status, any state of being. If it becomes still, static, fixed, it is essentially dead and not goal worthy. The undulating, writhing, roiling mass of blood and flesh, sensation and desire must be marshaled and made to service something greater. What, I am not sure.


On Not Functioning Well Under Expectations

Protopostartistic Artifact

not really the title – electronic drawing processed with Dreamscope, Snapseed, Art Studio, and LiveSketch HD on electronic pad device🔝


DES Archives. Used by permission of the DES Department of Propoganda. 

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