three twitter posts, an aside;

Twitter doesn’t allow me enough letters to build the cages needed to contain my thoughts, wild beasts that they are. Beware: danger lurks in    [4 May 8:51am]

Verse with no structure no limits but engineered to grind and slither into places; no hashtags no keywords no marketing, just out there…   [4 May 8:53am]

Will anyone decipher the code transmitted like shortwave signals across moist ether? Will it excite or just fester like an unattended wound?    [4 May 8:57am]

©2017 Stuart Dummit

{there was a post that I deleted before posting. i thought that i had saved it but perhaps not…. the gist was that federal law prohibited me from saying some things that were streaming through my brain, and i thought that was perhaps a good thing. i nullify my actions with the safety valve of deletion}