the BOOT project

In September of 2017 I started producing a series of photographs of my boot collection and I’d post a select few to various social media sites where they would receive lots of likes and comments. That spurred me to rally my efforts and form a project out of my musings, and the idea to produce some quality photographs of boots and the raw masculinity that they can convey emerged. After a few weeks it has become apparent that the project is getting big enough to warrant its own page. I will repost many of the previous photos here, and future images will be added to the top of the list. Please enjoy, comment, like, share.

All photographs and text Copyright 2017 Stuart Dummit. All Rights Reserved.
Belted Harness             ~~~~~~~~~~~

Wesco 18″ leather lined Harness Boots, with added belting. Some of the feedback I’ve been getting indicates that the dog collar belts convey a certain aggressiveness. Is it already there in the wearer, does it come with the boots, the added leather, or does it arise from someplace else?

Belted Boot s2Buddy