Weekly Feature

The Ancient (Giants Under the Sun)

The Ancient


There are several versions of this painting and there are many photos of it floating around the web. It isn’t in very good shape and is in need of restoration which I am going to start quite soon. I will post a new photo once it is done. The painting is oil on wooden board and was started in the late 1990s and took several years to complete. The painting was inspired by the third movement of the epic Progressive Rock masterpiece Tales from Topographic Oceans by the band Yes. That piece, entitled “The Ancient” and subtitled “Giants Under the Sun” is perhaps the most adventurous and aggressive example of music composed and performed by a “rock band” infringing on the territory of contemporary classical “new music.” Poly-rhythmic, sometimes atonal, aggressive, loose and tight simultaneously, employing electric guitar, synthesizers, electric bass, drums and various percussion and vocal text, the colors and shapes of the music shift suddenly two thirds of the way through the piece to give way to a stunningly beautiful classical guitar section, accented by subtle touches of the other instruments and a vocal song of gut wrenching beauty. I will forever be haunted and encouraged by such artistic vision and realization.


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